Road to popular


It’s kind of weird when a blog trying to commentary about how to become popular while itself is not. But these tips are actually quite helpful.


A specific rule behind all popular blogs. Consistency. You’ll have to upload & update your blog fairly frequently. That ‘s the way how search engines do it. They recommend websites and blogs based on hot search keywords and upload rates. so if you upload once or twice a day then your blog will be more recognized and your articles and posts will be a little bit more advertised when NETIZENS are searching something related.


Do your very best and try not to copy anyone. Because if you start copying some other bloggers. People are not stupid, they are gonna see that the more you grow and you’ll probably get a lot of hate for it. Anyway, It’s definitely not something you want. Stop watching other famous bloggers and get influenced by their idea’s and style.


The biggest personal tip in general that I can give anybody who wants to grow their blogs is: Just have fun with it, don’t try to make it into a job or something. IT’S NOT A JOB. Maybe further down the line, you want to make it become your job and do for a living but overall your main goal should just be to have fun with it. You can upload anything you like(It’s your blog after all) Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, we all slip up a few times in our life. Watch back all your previous contents and learn how to entertain you and your audience. If everyone thinks the content is good, they will stay. 


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