LA Fashion Week Favorites

One of the most popular sources for finding new fashion trends over the past several years has been social media. Whether it’s through a Blog, Instagram, or Pinterest. Models, celebrities, and so-called “influencers” are constantly posting all over social media about their current style favorites. It’s become a very crucial form of marketing for companies and designers. However, another source for the trend search, that will never go out of style are Fashion Weeks.

This is the time for designers to show off what trends they have forecasted for upcoming seasons, and the beautiful designs they have put together. Fashion Weeks are also certainly one of the most anticipated times of year for anyone in or aspiring to be in the fashion industry. New York, Paris, and Milan are some of the most-talked about fashion weeks, as they feature some of the biggest designers.

However, last month, LA Fashion Week showed off some amazing looks featuring up and coming designers to be on the watch for. Here you’ll find some of the favorite looks from the shows. And it was definitely hard to pick favorites!

30441210_1860222423990190_990575464554692608_n.jpgNothing says show stopper more than this dress. This beautiful dress by Michael Leyva is sure to turn heads when walking through the room and the sheer cape is nothing short of a masterpiece.

30442782_1860222540656845_2979333867372019712_n.jpgAnother favorite from Michael Leyva, this eye-catching dress is so detailed and elegantly done. This is what glam dreams are made of!

29497346_1838415006170932_2159129885614800896_n.jpgMixed prints have been an upcoming trend over the past year, and Yekim OWNED it in this show. This is one of many amazing printed looks by this LA designer.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 10.38.34 AM.pngThis look put together by Shani James is a curated vintage collection. It’s called KNOWSTYLEGIA. And not only is it the comfiest looking outfit, with it’s robe, but this hat is all kinds of chic.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 11.32.58 AM.pngThis last design is by Delise Ana. While it may not be your next “every day look,” it sure does take the idea of statement pieces to the next level. Her futuristic designs definitely stood out in the best way possible.

Source:  LA Fashion Week

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